REACH! Partnership School

Preparing Baltimore City students for college and careers in healthcare and construction
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REACH! Partnership School is an innovative Baltimore City public high school operated by Civic Works. We prepare students for college and careers in Healthcare and Construction. Graduates of REACH! Partnership leave the school with certifications that let them start jobs or apprenticeships as nursing assistants, pharmacy technicians, carpenters, or electricians. Students learn the importance of attending college and are encouraged to enroll in college courses during their senior year. REACH! Partnership is a school of choice and students throughout Baltimore City are eligible to apply.

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When Veronica graduated from REACH! Partnership School in June 2014, she was the senior class Vice President and had already earned college credits. But Veronica hadn’t always had an easy time – she became a teen mom in the 9th grade. The support of her family and the staff and AmeriCorps members at REACH! motivated her to continue pursuing her educational goals. They encouraged her to participate in afterschool clubs such as Charming Divas (a girls mentoring group), the modeling group and the dance club. During the summer of her junior year, Veronica participated in the REACH! Partnership Early College Program, where she attended classes at Baltimore City Community College.  Veronica earned 9 college credits, and is a candidate for the Granville T. Woods Scholarship at Baltimore City Community College. Veronica loves helping people and always volunteers to assist in any way possible. She will be pursuing a nursing degree at Baltimore City Community College in the fall.