In October 2007, Civic Works was awarded Standards for Excellence designation by the Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations. The Standards for Excellence Seal is awarded to non-profits that are deemed to be ethical and accountable in their program operations, governance, human resources, financial management and fundraising. Civic Works was re-certified in 2011. Learn more about Standards for Excellence.



In 2005 and again in 2010, Civic Works was named an innovative AmeriCorps program by Innovations in Civic Participation (ICP), a non-profit organization devoted to advancing the field of service and America’s Service Commissions (ASC), a non-profit group that represents state service commissions throughout the U.S. Civic Works was one of 51 programs selected from across the country as an innovative AmeriCorps program. Learn more about Innovative AmeriCorps Programs.


In February 2008, The Corps Network re-certified Civic Works under its Excellence in Corps Operations (ECO) program. In evaluating Civic Works, The Corps Network said, “Civic Works is a very effective organization which does a phenomenal job in serving local youth in need of a Corps experience and completing project work invaluable to the surrounding communities. Its strengths include constant innovation and being on top of program trends. The portfolio of programs being run by Civic Works is extremely impressive.” Learn more about Excellence in Corps Operations.


In 2003, Civic Works was granted a renewal of its PEPNET (Promising and Effective Practices) designation by the National Youth Employment Coalition as one of the most effective youth programs in the country – serving as a model for youth initiatives nationwide. This renewal of our 1999 award was the result of a rigorous review and application that verified our goals, results, methods, and practices. Civic Works met and exceeded criteria in all five categories: Purpose and Activities; Organization and Management; Youth Development; Workforce Development; and Evidence of Success. Learn more about PEPNET.