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What is a CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a regular delivery of produce grown by your local farmer. Farmers count on CSAs to provide dependable funding during the growing season (they’re buying compost, seeds, soil amendments, greenhouse equipment, landscape fabric, etc.). CSAs are also a way to keep customers engaged throughout the growing season. As for customers, CSAs are a way to: 1. Meet the people that grow their food, 2. Learn about local growing practices, 3. Support local business and local food, 4. Support sustainable food, 5. Learn about foods they haven’t tried before, 6. Get the freshest foods they could find in their neighborhood.

How is the Real Food Farm CSA special?

Civic Works Real Food Farm trains people in farming, food delivery, truck driving, food safety, landscaping, and customer service while providing wrap-around services to its trainees. We also provide an economically sustainable model for ourselves and our partner farms in Baltimore. This way, we can all thrive, provide opportunities for our city, and care for beautiful places for our citizens. Oh, and we have a rescue farm cat that protects our food and greets customers :).

Which farms and businesses contribute to the Real Food Farm CSA?

The Real Food Farm CSA features other farmers in Baltimore City that use sustainable practices, are family owned, and / or grow food with a mission. These entrepreneurs all have a vision of making tasty, local food accessible for all. Farms and businesses featured include:

Strength to Love 2

The Common Market

Lancaster Farm Fresh

Black Yield Institute Cherry Hill Urban Garden 

A Friendly Bread

Thread Coffee

How does delivery and pick up work?

We deliver on Thursdays for Thursday afternoon/evening pick up at the following locations:

Clifton Park – Real Food Farm

Clifton Park – Civic Works Clifton Mansion

Waverly – Weinberg YMCA

Roland Park – 607 Stoney Spring Dr.

Charles Village – 2836 Guilford Ave.

City Hall – 100 Guilford Ave.

We also offer Home Delivery for an additional fee per delivery. Would you like to suggest another location? Contact

Can I pause my subscription for a week or two?

Yes! You can put a hold on your account on your Farmigo login page. Just give us 48 hrs heads up.

If you forget your CSA share one week, we donate it by Friday afternoon.

How do I sign up for a CSA Share?

You can register online for the Real Food Farm CSA through Farmigo.