CDC Mini-Grants Addressing COVID-19 Health Disparities

In 2021, the Baltimore City Health Department (BCHD) was awarded $6 million to address COVID-19 related health disparities as part of a larger national initiative. Through mini-grants, we are looking to invest in community organizations and non-profits whose missions and goals align with advancing health equity and addressing health disparities related to COVID-19 in Baltimore City.

Baltimore’s historically redlined communities are still experiencing great disparities in critical, health-related resources like food, emergency assistance, transportation, and mental health services. The inaccessibility of these resources is driving health disparities, including COVID-19 vaccination rates.

The CDC Mini-grants Addressing COVID-19 Health Disparities aims to boost your capacity to serve your community. Grant Projects should address social determinants of health that were worsened by COVID-19. By providing mini-grants to community-based organizations like you, we hope to:

  1. Increase COVID-19 vaccination access and education in underserved communities
  2. Expand and improve access to health-related resources
  3. Improve the health and well-being of Baltimore City

Mini-Grant Awards

Grant projects are expected to operate over 3 months. BCHD will be accepting applications on a rolling, quarterly basis. Grants are being funded in $10,000 and $25,000 increments. The mini-grants program will breakdown down two tracks:

COVID-19 Vaccination and Outreach: Increase Baltimore residents’ access to vaccines through educational outreach or supporting COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH): Expand Baltimore residents’ access to resources, such as food, transportation, housing, employment, education, and more.

      Refer to the Mini-Grant Application Guidelines for a comprehensive overview.

Are You Eligible?

  • Applicant must be in good standing with the State of Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.
  • Applicant must be qualified to do business in Maryland
  • Applicant must have the legal capacity and authority to incur obligations under the grant program
  • All funded work must be done within Baltimore City borders, specifically, these highlighted neighborhoods:
Target Neighborhoods

Brooklyn/Curtis Bay
Cherry Hill
Greater Rosemont
Greenmount East
Madison/East End
Penn North/Reservoir Hill
Pimlico Arlington
Poppleton/Terrace Hill/Hollins Market
Upton/Druit Heights

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Application Dates

March 13 – 24, 2023

June 12 – 23, 2023

September 14 – 19, 2023

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