Baltimore Conservation Leadership Corps

Summer outdoor learning experience for high school students
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Baltimore Conservation Leadership Corps (BCLC) is a five-week summer leadership program that helps high school students from Baltimore City develop job skills, remain physically active and learn more about the environment through a variety of conservation projects.
There are three crews: Trail Crew, Perlman Place Crew, and a Clifton Park Crew. The Trail Crews will make parts of the Gwynn’s Falls trail more accessible and prevent erosion. The Perlman Place Crew will be farm-hands for Farmer Myeasha Taylor, assisting her in not only the harvest of food but in the growth of community engagement. And the Clifton Park Crew will beautify the park’s bandshell trail, basketball courts, and more.

BCLC 2017 Application (Word)

BCLC 2017 Application (PDF)


Contact Gwen Kokes at Civic Works – or (443) 878-8528

Briona - BCLC high school student, 2012 & 2013

“I was in the BCLC program for two summers. We worked in Leakin Park to create a new trail. When we first viewed the area where we’d build the trail, I was discouraged by how difficult it looked. The first week my crew and I got out on the trail and got about 200 feet done. This trail that I had assumed would be a major challenged turned out to be very minor, with a few setbacks. We encountered bee and wasp nests, mud puddles, slippery areas, and lots of roots, but with our group’s hard work and dedication we were able to get it done. This program taught me to be patient, how to work together, never give up, and strive to complete any goal I set for myself.”

Molly - BCLC high school student, 2013

“We did a lot of hard work for our community. This program showed me that everything and anything is possible for our community. I’ve learned a lot about animals, farms, and trail building.”