Project Lightbulb

Making Baltimore County homes more energy efficient
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CW_Project-Lightbulb-ColorProject Lightbulb makes homes more energy efficient in Baltimore County. Our AmeriCorps members install energy and water conservation equipment in homes. Installations include energy-efficient light bulbs, efficient-flow showerheads and faucet aerators, and pipe wraps. Since 2007, Civic Works has made energy installations in over 5,000 homes and reduced energy use by an average of 636 kWh per house each year.

Please note that home energy installation appointments are limited.*

For more information or to schedule your free in-home service appointment, please contact Project Lightbulb at 410-929-6139 or


Jabriera - AmeriCorps member, 2012

“Project Lightbulb was definitely a growing experience for me. Coming into the job, I thought this would be simple and all I would have to do is install light bulbs. But no, Project Lightbulb was much more than that. Each day began with a meeting which provided inspiring words that helped to get through the day. One lesson I took from these meetings is that there isn’t much to gain going the shortcut route in completing tasks; instead, Project Lightbulb challenged me to put my all in the work that I do. I applied this lesson as we entered into each resident’s home, and I would see the results each time we were about to leave the home that we serviced. The resident would always be so grateful for quality of work that was provided, which made me feel good about what I did. I plan to use all the skills I learned in Project Lightbulb in future jobs and in my future career.”