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Making homes safer for Baltimore City’s older adults
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CW_Cities-for-All-Ages-ColorCities for All Ages makes homes safer for older adults living in Baltimore City. Falls are the leading cause of injury for older adults, and injuries sustained from falls can prevent older adults from living at home and participating in family and community activities. We provide services to Baltimore senior citizens over the age of 65, including fall prevention information, safety repairs, referrals to supportive services, and occupational therapy.

For more information or to join the Cities for All Ages waiting list, contact Lauren Averella at or 410-449-2322.

Cities for All Ages Brochure

Cities for All Ages is looking for volunteers! We need long term volunteers to support our program as we try to reach as many seniors as possible. Training will be provided. We ask volunteers to commit to one day each week for a minimum of three months.
We need:
– Engaging individuals familiar with Microsoft Office and/or Google Docs to answer our phones and provide office assistance.
Contact Jayna at if you are interested in volunteering!

John - AmeriCorps member, 2013

My time at Civic Works has been a wonderful learning experience but there has been one house that really stood out to me. I remember the first time we went to Ms. A’s house; she was so excited to see us! Ms. A had the biggest smile on her face that made me smile instantly. We sat down and started going over the safety equipment my supervisor and I would be installing, such as a railing for her steps, fire extinguisher, and grab bars for her bathtub. We were also replacing the basement door and putting Plexiglas on her basement windows.

We came back a few days later to put in the railing and she was so happy because before she wasn’t easily able to go up and down the steps. It made me feel really good that we were able to help her. A few hours later, when we were finishing up her house, she told us how thankful she was and how she could do a lot more things she wasn’t able to do before. As we left she gave us both big hugs. Driving back to our headquarters, I was thinking to myself that something as little as being able to go up and down the stairs can be a big accomplishment to someone else.