Baltimore Energy Challenge

Reducing energy use in Baltimore City through education and installations
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The Baltimore Energy Challenge teaches low and no cost ways to save energy to Baltimore City residents, businesses, and schools. Our AmeriCorps members install energy and water conservation equipment in homes. Installations include programmable thermostat, energy-efficient light bulbs, low flow showerheads, pipe wraps, power strips, and more. Since 2007, Civic Works has made energy installations in over 5,000 homes and reduced energy use by an average of 636 kWh per house each year. The Baltimore Energy Challenge is a partnership between Civic Works, the Baltimore Office of Sustainability, and the Baltimore Community Foundation.

For more information, visit or call 443-869-2614.

Maya - AmeriCorps member, 2014

“During my time at the Baltimore Energy Challenge, I have been able to service multiple homes and meet a lot of people. My responsibilities include educating residents on how they can make their homes more energy efficient, and installing energy efficient items. I joined AmeriCorps to take advantage of the opportunities to help others reduce paying high utility bills. Another reason I joined the program is because I like to speak to residents and connect them with information and resources that they do not know about. I knew by joining Civic Works’ AmeriCorps program, I can make a change in Baltimore City.

I receive hands-on training and on the job experience, and I really see the difference in the lives of the residents we are servicing. I hope to use the education award I receive to go back into school and continue to do positive work.”

Tim – AmeriCorps member, 2014

“Even though I wasn’t quite sure of my future I knew that I enjoy volunteering; that’s why I applied for AmeriCorps. Through my current term of AmeriCorps service with Civic Works and the Baltimore Energy Challenge I have the opportunity to change my native city of Baltimore and impact as many city residents as possible. I’m a Community Organizer, engaging city residents in order to teach them energy saving behaviors. Part of my service is teaching in three Baltimore City Public Schools.

I serve in an elementary school, high school, and special needs school. I teach a six week curriculum to students about how they can change their behaviors in order to save energy and the different types of renewable energy. I also help students implement projects that promote energy conservation within their schools.

My AmeriCorps service has impacted many city residents. When I present or table at community events or fairs, I’ve come in contact with people who are simply grateful that a program like ours exists. I believe that my AmeriCorps service has impacted so many people that I serve because they know we are there to help them. When they hear about what me and my fellow AmeriCorps do and that we are AmeriCorps, they realize that we really are there for the community and we are trying to make a difference. My service has made me feel closer to the city that I not only grew up in, but love.”