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Our Volunteers of the Year!

2017 Volunteers of the Year

Every year, we are fortunate to work with thousands of volunteers across Civic Works’ programs. Each and every volunteer makes an impact on our mission and enables us to provide services to people in need. While we recognize and celebrate every volunteer who donates their time, at our annual Tower Lighting on December 12, 2017 we wanted to honor three special individuals and one dedicated group for their volunteerism in 2017.

Regina Minniss
For over five years, Regina has been volunteering with the Baltimore Orchard Project (BOP). Regina began her service with BOP as an Orchard Steward. Over 12 months, Regina learned the ins and outs of stewardship and now cares for the 20 year old orchard in Carroll Park. This year, Regina was also recognized in the Baltimore City Department of Sustainability’s Annual Report. With all of her volunteer work, Regina brings passion. Her work is always backed for her passion for sustainability and justice. Thanks to her, Carroll Park’s orchard was reborn from the depths of blight and lack of pruning, and will continue to have an abundant harvest. Regina teaches others the purpose of backing everyday with passion, and we are grateful to have worked with her the past few years.

Anthony Nathe
Anthony’s strong work ethic and humor has earned him the nickname Apple Anthony among the Baltimore Orchard Project team. This positive and committed attitude extends beyond the care of orchards, gardens, and trees. Anthony has also been a positive role model to our AmeriCorps members. He consistently shows up early before workshops and events to help with set-up and provides important and valuable insight into our work. His volunteer time has supported the Clifton Park Food Forest, Carroll Park Orchard, Faith Lutheran Orchard and several other orchards in Baltimore. His dedication to this work has supported these communities in producing fruit and educating others in stewardship of the environment.

Park School’s Neighborhood Revitalization Club
The Park School of Baltimore’s Neighborhood Revitalization Club is all about commitment. This group epitomizes responsible volunteering. They stick around–they look for what people need, they listen, and they get the work done. The past year, they were instrumental in making Lottie Sneed’s Half Street Garden a reality not only through fundraising, but coming out to multiple volunteer days to make miracles happen. Recently, they met with Ms. Joyce Drake–a former Corps member turned Nursery Manager looking for a community lot to make for her neighborhood. Joyce’s dreams will be a reality thanks to the dependability of the Park School’s Neighborhood Revitalization Club. Lizzie and her crew of service-loving students know how to get a job done, and we are proud to have them as the Volunteer Group of the Year.

Barry Richmond
Here at Civic Works, we are fortunate to be the stewards of the historic Clifton Mansion, the summer home of Johns Hopkins. We rely on dedicated volunteers to bring this historic mansion to life through tours, special events, and historic preservation. One of those dedicated volunteers is Barry Richmond. For years, Barry has committed his time and heart to the legacy of Clifton Mansion. He attends nearly all of our regular third Saturday mansion tours and serves as a docent. He is always on the lookout for opportunities to share Clifton Mansion and Civic Works with the world, and we are grateful to have Barry as a part of our community.