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Celebrating #AmeriCorpsWeek 2018!

Last week organizations around the country celebrated #AmeriCorpsWeek and honored current AmeriCorps members and alumni who served their communities to #GetThingsDone! As part of our celebration, we highlighted AmeirCorps members across our programs on our social media.

William “Will” Wisner-Warlson

Real Food Farm

“My earliest experience with Real Food Farm was volunteering as a college student at Thursday night Perlman Place Croppy Hour. I was attracted to the blend of hard-work, grassroots community activity, and general camaraderie among volunteers, community members, and Real Food Farm staff. When I heard an AmeriCorps position was available, I decided to put off my immediate plans and take a year to serve.”

Nishaye Sellman

Baltimore Energy Challenge

Nishaye is a seasoned AmeriCorps member, already having served a term with an educational program offering mentorship to students in high school. She enjoyed the experience so much that she wanted to continue her service with a new program. At BEC, she continues to serve as a mentor for Baltimore City residents who want to learn about energy efficiency. Nishaye is a vibrant, active member of the BEC team who makes herself available to serve on the weekends. Her vibrant personality inspires the people she speaks with to take the pledge to become an energy saving hero! Nishaye is excited to see what opportunities await her after completing her term with BEC.

Tashawn Walker-Munk

Cities for All Ages

“When I heard about CFAA I was told about how I’d be helping elderly folks and that’s what I’m passionate about. I love working with elderly people – I feel good when I can make a difference for them, and see how happy it makes them. My grandfather meant a lot to me. He tried to understand me and treated me well. He was always there for me since day one. My AmeriCorps position has helped me learned how to be patient and have an open mind.”

Ninaly “Melo” Arzu

Community Lot Team

“I came to the Community Lot Team for the education award, experience doing outdoor physical service, landscaping, and carpentry, and professional development. I like serving with the community. It’s nice meeting different people from different places in our volunteer groups; people who I never pictured myself working with. Coming in to the program, I wanted to be an entrepreneur in child care, but now I know I want to do hands on work. Right now I’m working on getting my driver’s license and eventually my CDL. I have been looking at the arborist program at CCBC or the American Landscape Institute for when my term is over. ”

Desmond Butler


“I came to YouthBuild to make a change for myself and to start a career. I figured it’d be a good opportunity to make something of myself. I got growth, a more focused mindset, and to take more carpentry classes and continue to work on my GED. I just got my permit two or three weeks ago. After my AmeriCorps term, I want to stay with carpentry work.”


Latik McNeil

Civic Works’ Education Team

After serving a term with the Baltimore Energy Challenge​, Latik knew he wanted to continue to serve- and this time, he wanted ot put his background as an artist to use helping kids! “This city’s cultural history is a lost gem, hidden in plain sight. Helping the youth unlock their interest in the arts is the best way to let it shine. I’m glad to help bring the light back to a city of lost brightness.”


Kim Matthews

REACH! Partnership School

“I have enjoyed discovering the overwhelming need for having patience with high school students. Giving the gift of time has been so rewarding on both sides, but more so with them giving me their time. I have learned so much from them! I live to be a part of what it takes to get them to the next level; teaching them ways to conquer, succeed, soar, never give up, and make it. They bring balance to me.”