Ricky Myers Day of Service 2021!

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We had such an amazing time at our Day of Service this year! Thank you to all of the volunteers who showed up and donated their time to make Baltimore a better place

Thanks to you, we were able to accomplish so much. Below is a list of your accomplishments:

  • The Loading Dock – Volunteers worked to paint and organize over 200 paint cans.
  • ShareBaby – Volunteers separated and counted clothing, shoes, blankets, and other donated items, and counted, sorted, and wrapped diapers for distribution to families in need.
  • MD Book Bank – Volunteers separated and organized donated children’s books to later be distributed to kids throughout Baltimore.
  • Mount Clare – Volunteers revitalized a vacant lot by cleaning out 15 bags of trash, planting 3 trees and 16 shrubs while also building 9 plant beds.
  • Baltimore Community ToolBank – Volunteers assisted with tool inventory rotation and maintenance, tool painting, and organization and cleaning.
  • Rocks n Rows Charity Farm – Volunteers provided farming support, such as mulching, weeding, planting, etc.
  • Second Chance – Volunteers were responsible for sorting / stacking doors and windows, preparing materials for pricing and merchandising, removing nails from Second Chance’s deconstruction inventory of wood, etc.
  • St. Vincent Cemetery – Volunteers worked to clean the surrounding area of the cemetery by removing over 40 bags of plant waste and 2 bags of trash and debris.
  • Mother’s Garden in Clifton Park – Volunteers removed 15 bags of plant waste and trash and removed weeds from the benches and plant beds.
  • Brehm’s Lane – Volunteers supported staff members with lawn and building maintenance.
  • Community Lot Team Tree Planting – Volunteers planted 4 large native trees, watered 10 trees and built 3 planters along with planting pansies in each.
  • Real Food Farm – Volunteers built a memorial well and assisted in building a raised bed.

Thank you again for all of your hard work and we can’t wait to see you next year!